I bet your phone is connected to your car, your doorbell camera, your laptop, heck even your smart fridge! You’re more connected than ever and you feel as if you can achieve and accomplish more tasks with this seamless integration of technology. Have you thought about how deep this integration really goes and how connected you are to the digital world? Welcome to the world of IoT!

With IoT device connectivity on the rise, privacy and security issues begin to skyrocket. From your smartwatch to smart tv’s and smart appliances, these IoT devices have a wealth of information and data…

Chess — digital strategy
Chess — digital strategy
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As we continue to work from home, employers must continue to find a way to monitor their staff, however employees also have a right to know that they are being monitored. I had written an article on how employers track and spy on their employees, the programs they use and suggestions on implementation policies. But what happens to the employers that don’t respect digital privacy and take it a little too far? What about the employers who not only track their employees for work performance purposes, but employers who don’t inform their staff and perform after hours tracking!? …

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Monday January 18/2021 marks the 3rd Monday in January known as Blue Monday. Blue Monday represents a time of the year in which individuals are the most depressed. This is due to another brand new year starting, individuals feeling shame and guilt for not reaching New Year’s resolutions and being broke as fu*k. While Blue Monday may really be one of the most depressing days of the year, it does not change the fact that depression still exists no matter what day it is. …

A Professional Google Certification Course Review

Is the Google IT Support Professional Certificate worth it? Here is another Information Technology topic for discussion and a professional Google certification course review.

Earlier this year, I decided it was time to continue growing my technical skills. I decided to finally say goodbye to working in the medical admin sector, follow my digital passion and completely tap-into the digital world. I use Google products, so why not Grow with Google right!? …

male boss, digital surveillance, employer syping on employee, information technology, cybersecurity, online privacy
male boss, digital surveillance, employer syping on employee, information technology, cybersecurity, online privacy

I am a curious kitty who loves to explore the digital world! March 2020 a previous employer decided that it would be a great time to shift staff from working in the office to working from home. Prior to the pandemic, staff already wanted to work from home and the ultimate bonus was that the business was already set-up to work remotely; so the transition was rather smooth. But how do employees’ work performance get monitored and how is the software implementation process determined? …

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Melanated Techie living in a digital world! I share digital tips and resources about Information Technology and Self Development.

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